This new licensing portal will allow businesses to register and apply for licences they are obliged to have for trading purposes in a one-stop-shop thus reducing dramatically the amount of time in form filling required to comply with various licensing obligations. The development of is an ambitious and transformative initiative for how businesses and licensing bodies interact.

This portal is a Disruptive Reform initiative under the Government's Action Plan for Jobs. The Action Plan for Jobs is a whole-of-Government initiative under which all Government Departments and Agencies work together to deliver on the agreed action points for each year with the Government committed to seeing full employment of 2.1m people in 2018.

In many respects, improving the ease of doing business offers the greatest potential to enhance our competitiveness, as improving administrative processes and practices is generally within the control of public bodies and does not necessarily require investment. In fact, streamlining administrative process for businesses can simultaneously reduce overheads for public bodies and simplify engagement with businesses for officials.

Following a review of the multiplicity of licences required by the business sector, the Government committed that all relevant licensing authorities would proceed towards the development of an integrated licensing application system - a one-stop-shop portal amalgamating licence applications for business across Government Departments, agencies and licensing authorities where businesses can apply for and renew all their licences with a single payment, thereby reducing the associated administrative burden for businesses.