Q1. Why has this service been introduced?

A1. The service was introduced to help Irish businesses identify which licences they are required to have and to simplify the process of obtaining them. Entrepreneurs simply select the business activities they plan to undertake using Licences.ie and the system automatically generates a list of the licences required from all registered licensing authorities, i.e. those who are formally registered as participants in the integrated licence application system. The system will provide some basic information on each licence type and links to external sites where more detailed information can be obtained.

The objective of Licences.ie is to provide a single portal for businesses to register for and renew single or multiple licence applications. The system is a key component of the Government’s Action Plan for Jobs and an important element of the Government’s drive ‘to make Ireland the best small country in the world in which to do business by reducing and simplifying the administrative burden and red tape for business owners.

Q2. Why should I use the service?

A2. The online licence application service saves you time and money - With Licences.ie the need, in most instances, to contact multiple licensing authorities to acquire the various licences you need is eliminated in respect of all licensing authorities that are registered. Most of the information needed is available from the single Licences.ie online portal. This means you spend less time searching and more time building your business.

Get answers when you need them - As an online service, Licences.ie is available whenever you need it. Night or day, Licences.ie is there to help you understand and comply with government licensing requirements. The Licences.ie portal site also provides contact information and access to online application forms if available.

Q3. How does the service work?

A3. The first step is to complete a simple online registration process on Licences.ie and enter some basic details. Once the registration step is complete you can immediately begin applying for licences you require to conduct your business. Each licence you apply for will be placed in your online basket. Once you have completed the application process for all of the licences you need then they can be paid for in one secure online payment transaction. Each licensing authority will issue the licence you apply for directly to you.

Q4. What can I do on the system?

A4. By using Licences.ie online portal you can view details of licences required by your business, apply for one or more licences in a single session, renew licences, make one payment for all licences applied for, manage and track progress of your current licence applications, update your details.

Q5. Which licences can I apply for/renew using the systems?

A5. The following is the list of licences currently available via Licences.ie. We are continuously adding new licences as we roll out the system to more licensing authorities so be sure to check back regularly for the up to date list.

Q6. What should I do if a licence type is not available on the system?

A6. You should contact the licensing authority directly to apply for the licence that you require.

Q7. Why is my local authority not participating?

A7. The service has just been launched and participation by licensing authorities is not mandatory. We hope to see the number of local authorities and other licensing authorities using Licences.ie increase significantly in the near future.

Q8. Who are the administrators of the system and is it secure?

A8. The service is being provided by An Post using the most up to date hardware and software technology and data encryption techniques to ensure service continuity and minimise the risk of security breaches.

Q9. Is this service endorsed by the Government?

A9. Yes, the service is fully endorsed and supported by government.

Q10. Can I use Licences.ie to renew a licence I acquired previously directly from a Licensing Authority?

A10. Yes if the licence you applied for is currently available on Licences.ie you may renew it online instead of contacting the licensing authority directly. All licences which are currently available on the system can be renewed regardless of how the original licence was purchased.

Q11. Who else has access to my data?

A11. Only An Post as the system administrator and the licensing authorities issuing your licences have access to your data. The data is held and used under the strictest compliance with the Data Protection regulations and will only ever be used for the purpose of issuing your licences.

Q12. Will I continue to get licence renewal reminders by mail?

A12. No. A reminder will be sent to your Licences.ie account online and an email will be sent to the email address supplied by you when you registered.

Q13. I need to renew my licence but I don’t have the Internet or I don’t know how to use a computer. What do I do?

A13. Public access to the Internet is available in public libraries and Internet cafes. Alternatively you may deal directly with the licensing authority concerned and apply in the normal manner face-to-face or by post.

Q14. I need my licence urgently and I don’t have time to register and learn how to use the system. What can I do?

A14. The system has been designed to be user friendly and requires only very basic computer skills. Registration is quick and easy, after which you can begin using the system immediately. Our Support Team is also available to assist you by telephone or email if needed.

Q15. What do I need to register to use the online licensing system?

A15. The registration process is very simple. You need only supply your name or business trading name, email address and specify a password. An email is sent that contains an activation link that must be used before you can log in.Subsequently, you can log in to change your password and update your details.

Q16. Why do I need an email address?

A16. You need an email address when you register on the system as the administrators will email you when you have a message on your Licences.ie account. If you don't have an email account, set one up by searching “free email services” on the Internet.

Q17. What if I’ve forgot my password?

A17. If you have forgotten your password, click on the forgotten password link on the Licences.ie logon page and follow the instructions. Once you have supplied the email address you used when you registered the system will send you a link by which you can change your password.

Q18. Can I opt out after I register?

A18. Yes. In the unlikely event that you decide not to use the service after registration, you can contact our customer support team and request to have your details removed. You will be asked some security questions to complete the process.

Q19. What happens if I move address?

A19. If you move to a new address you can update your details on Licences.ie very easily. You are strongly advised to update your profile details on the system. This way the new details will be available to the relevant licensing authority. In any event you will be contacted by email to remind you that a licence is due for renewal.

Q20. How do I change my email address on an existing user account?

A20. If your email address needs to be changed on your account, log on to Licences.ie and click on “My Profile” and update the relevant information.

If you no longer have access to your old email address and cannot reset your password to login, contact our customer support team who will update your profile for you once you have answered a number of security questions to verify your identity.

Q21. How do I pay?

A21. To make a payment using the System you must use a valid debit card, credit card or transfer funds directly to the An Post bank account and make the payment in accordance with the instructions on the Site. On receipt of a valid payment instruction from you we will withdraw the amount from your debit/credit card or bank account.

Q22. When do I make the payment?

A22. In some application processes, the Licensing Authority requires that the payment be made at the time the application is submitted, whereas in others the payment is calculated and requested by the Licensing Authority after the application has been assessed.

Q23. How do I know how much I have to pay?

A23. In some instances the amount to be submitted with an application is fixed and the system will automatically populate the Amount field. In other cases the amount is calculated and entered by the applicant.

Q24. Do I have to pay to use the system?

A24. No, there is no charge to use Licences.ie to apply for a licence, permit or certificate. You only pay the standard price for new licences or renewals as set by individual licensing authorities.

Q25. My payment was refused. What do I do?

A25. If you are attempting to pay using a credit card, make sure you have entered the card information correctly. If your payment is refused again, call the credit card company to make sure there are no issues with the card or credit. If this is not the issue, contact our Support Team by email or phone.

Q26. Can I pay the fees for licences issued by more than one licensing authority at the same time using the system?

A26. Yes. Licences.ie has been designed to allow you to apply for several licences at one time and to pay for all of them in one simple, secure payment transaction.

Q27. Can I trust that the online payments will be secure?

A27. Yes, the An Post payment gateway and supporting systems are fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry's Data Security Standards (v1.2) and with ISO 27001 Information Security standard. Card details and bank account details are processed anonymously and securely with strong PKI encryption.

Q28. Where can I get some help to learn how to register and/or use the system?

A28. The Licences.ie Support Team is available to answer your questions or concerns at
Phone: 1890 200090 or 065 9080207
Email: support@licences.ie

Q29. How do I submit supporting documentation?

A29. During the application process you may be required to upload supporting documentation. The system will prompt you when documentation is required. You may require access to a document scanning device if the document is not already stored on your computer. In cases where the original documentation is required, it should be sent directly to the licensing authorities quoting the online licence application reference number.

Q30. Will I lose my work if I log out and come back later?

A30. No each step in the process that you complete will be saved in draft format and you can return to the system to complete your application at any time.

Q31. How do I tell if my online application process was successful?

A31. You will receive a confirmation message following a successful application process. You are encouraged to print this message for your records.

Q32. What do I do if haven’t received my licence?

A32. Your application will be processed as quickly as possible by the Licensing Authority that you have applied to. You will be able to see what stage your application is at on the Licences.ie website. Please allow a reasonable amount time for the licensing authority to process your application and post the licence to you. If you feel that your application is delayed for any reason then you should contact the licensing authority directly.